Collaborative management tool that allows you to share lists among several users.

List members can add, modify, and delete items. These modifications are synchronized in real time with the rest of the members.

The user can be logged in on multiple devices at the same time.

Aplicación que permite leer el DNI mediante el NFC del dispositivo.


 - Visualizar toda la información almacenada en el DNI

 - Almacenar la información en el dispositivo

 - Activar alarma que te avise cuando vaya a caducar

Social network for people who have pets.

Don't forget where you have parked:

GPS Tracker Edge

Record routes from the Samsung Edge panel.

Start the route recording, add geolocated photos and view the route data in real time.

SOS Edge

It allows you to quickly call 112 while automatically sending an SMS with your location to the warning contacts you have defined.

"112" button:

"Panic" button:

Menú Semanal

Organize your weekly menus.